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Unleash Her 6 week Group Coaching Series

Unleash Her 6 week Group Coaching Series

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Unleash Her 6-week group coaching

Sis I see her peeking through! Girl, Unleash Her already.

Yes, I am talking to you. You’ve been straddling the fence for too long beautiful.

It’s time to make up your mind. They say, “Mind over Matter” and that’s exactly what’s wrong with you.

You still don’t believe YOU Matter!

 Yeah, you’ve been talking this good game pretending, but sis I’ve been there.  Lovely do me a favor and take off that mask, it’s time to Unleash Her.

You still don’t believe that life is your playground, you’re not life’s playground.

Life has just been happening to you for way too long beautiful. It’s time for you to happen to life the way God intended.

You see sometimes we walk around wanting to “look” important instead of really BEING who we are. We are important and without the clothes, shoes, cars, hairs, jewelry, etc.…

You’re the boss. Girl God dapped you up. He gave you all the dominion, power, and authority that you need to create the life that you really, truly desire.

You don’t have to keep Her a secret anymore. I see her peeking through. She wants to break forth. Can’t you hear her screaming “let me out of here”? She’s tired of being hidden, she’s ready to live and thrive and show you what a good time in YOUR life really is like.

It’s time for you to unleash her.

Listen beautiful,

God is demanding me to find you. As a matter of fact, you, you, and you and he’s telling me to tell you, it is time! He said tell her to take it off. Take off that mask. Take off that veil. Take off that wig (well you can keep that on sis). Take it all off beau. God said, I know she doesn’t really trust anybody, she barely trusts me but tell her I sent her here as a seed to bring glory to my name.

  • It’s time for you to create the confidence you watch everybody else have. Stop mimicking her sis and let us see YOU!
  • It’s time for you to settle this beef with yourself once and for all that you matter, you are enough and that’s that on that!
  • It’s time to make fear your audience girl.
  • It’s time to do it afraid, do it with those feelings of inadequacy, those feelings of unworthiness, or whatever feelings that have you afraid to step out and be unstoppable. There is purpose in you that you are not fulfilling because of those feelings.
  • It’s time for you to deal with YOU and stop burying all that stuff that you want to act like isn’t there.

   Are you ready!!

The classes will be virtual. Kicking off with an orientation  and the first class will be disclosed upon purchase. So each week we will deep dive on the following topics:

  1. Unleashed (mastering your identity + mindset)
  2. Thrive (be fruitful + Thrive: character)
  3. Become (capacity building)
  4. Intentionality (discipline + focus)
  5. Remember to Honor, Celebrate and Acknowledge HER!
  6. Arriving at Revolutionary Road!

 Since this is a group coaching series you will be invited to join the private FB page that I have just for the participants of this series. All sessions will be recorded in case you can't attend. All details will be received in a welcome email after purchase. Remember to grab your copy of the New Unleash Her e-book! Guess what? I’m even allowing payment plans. If you know I’m talking to you but you feel like ooh sis I can’t pay all at once. Send me a message using our contact form and I’ll reach out to you to add you manually! Don’t let money stop you from investing in yourself! 

I will also provide a complimentary 30 minute one-on-one coaching session for those of you who purchase in one single payment. 


Now you may feel like this isn't for you and maybe that is true but if you have this stirring feeling in your gut then sis, take this as a mandate from God sis. Do not take this lightly. Let’s stop living in the shadows of our lower self but let’s speak up and rise to the occasion and give God our yes.

Girl, Unleash Her!

See you soon,

J. Barksdale You New Lifestyle Enhancement Coach 

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