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I became who God said I could be...HER.


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I'm thinking Beattitudes in Matthew 5 while i'm giving you my BEST resting face, feel me! Now you too can wear your Faith Lifestyle out loud. Shop our FaithHER collection now. 

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Herlips apparel Testimonials

HerLIPS is AWESOME! All the apparel I ordered was great quality. I have purchased for myself, my children, and plan on ordering more items for friends and additional family. The items are more than just clothing they are Profound Messages and Reflections of EMPOWERMENT, LOVE, & the POWER of GOD Women possess. The CEO of HerLIPS Jerrica Barksdale is an Amazing Woman of God and Her Anointing overflow covers Every shirt, cap, hoodie, sweatsuit, etc. As soon as you put on any HER item you feel it. Can’t wait to see all the new collections still to come.

Danielle Davis

Jerrica is so awesome! She has great customer service. Her gratitude for you as a customer is so wonderful. She is very prompt in her responses , delivery status, inventory updates and actual delivery of product. She also has a lot a product options, colors, with availability for customer orders. Payment is made easy through multiple electronic outlets. The quality of the fabric in HER sweaters is great. The t-shirts fit true to size and don't fade in the wash. I highly recommend HerLIPS. Not only because of the quality of the product and service but because of the message behind it. Jerrica is true to her brand by being an example of leadership, influence, purpose, and service while encouraging, motivating and inspiring other young ladies to do the same.

Marissa Adams

I love all of my products from Her L.I.P.S.! Jerrica has wonderful customer service, she responds promptly, and I a never dissatisfied! I have ordered lipsticks, T-shirts, sweatshirts, masks, eyeshadows, and next up I am ordering a laptop case. Its the quality, the look, and the message for me that keeps me coming back for more. When I am rocking Her apparel and accessories I feel and look amazing. I am Her! A Beautiful Black Queen striving to be all I can be while at the same time being a walking example of a strong black woman walking in my faith and growing as well as exuding my PURPOSE!!! Thank you Jerrica you have no idea how you have been assisting me to be a better me.

Daniesha Santos

and then...

God said she is fearfully and wonderfully made and she believed him. At last she gave birth and POSTURE was born.

Become a Posture Woman.


Posture Testimonials

I absolutely loooove the lipsticks!!!! It is so moisturizing and last all day! You definitely have a client in me for sure. I am so glad I found you!

Raylene Crowder

I love Posture because it gives my lips a whole vibe and it's definitely a head turner every time I wear it!!!

Jayme Wiley

Posture is my go to lipstick. It's creamy, dries quick and rarely needs reapplying! One of my fav products with such an array of colors for every mood!

Aliscia Anderson

You forgot something sis!

posture Lips please.



Become her.

Self Love + Confidence is Personal Power and a Lifetime Possession of a PROSPEROUS Soul.

- J. Barksdale, Owner


 6 week Become Her -Testimonial

I have never realized how much having a life coach helps and adds to your life until now. I don't know why it's not more common or even taught to consider. Especially when you are growing and trying to learn how to navigate through daily life. I am thankful my first experience with a Life Coach was with Jerrica! Throughout these 6 weeks she has helped me to push myself and do more than what I thought I could. She has taught me to be more responsible with my life and actions. Each week no matter what my results were from my action steps she genuinely cheered me on and celebrated each accomplishment big or small! She helped me refocus when needed and gave me pointers on what I could do better. That alone helped me to keep pushing towards the goals we had set in place. Her love, patience, grace and overall heart for God helps her to be the Best coach. Even in the midst of hardship she still was present and did not let anything interfere with her professional work. I can't wait to continue with Jerrica. Although my 6 weeks are up I am already preparing to Invest for more sessions. Having the support, motivation, and action steps have been so helpful in my growing process and want to continue to go deeper! I would 100% recommend Jerrica if you are in search of a Health and Life Coach!!!!!

Gail Reynolds

12 week Transformational Breakthrough Discovery -Testimonial

My name is Sharese and I was very interested in this program. I was so happy to know that I may win a chance to become a client of Jerrica's through her raffle. When  I found out I would be joining this program I felt like I won a game on a t.v. show! I was super hyped! I’ve learned so much in a course of just 12 weeks! One thing I can say, is that I am very proud of myself for committing to this it definitely taught me how to be consistent in my life (which was a struggle of mine.) It taught me how to hold myself accountable and realizing that the change I was searching for was very much so realistic I just had to make what was important to me important. I was down for the challenge and this definitely has changed my life forever. My husband has seen a change in me and it all started by me being willing and being honest with myself. My coach Jerrica, created such a safe place for me to be as personable and as honest as I could be because in the end it’s only beneficial to me. If you’re in a place in your life where you want to become the best version of yourself you are at the right place! I HIGHLY recommend you to challenge yourself today and give yourself a chance because YOU are worth it! Thank you so much Coach Jerrica for this opportunity! 

Sharese Ramsey

12 week Transformational Breakthrough Discovery Testimonial

These 12 weeks have been amazing! I started looking at accomplishing one thing and gained so much more! I am better because of my life coach sessions. Every week there was a new lesson but they all tied into each other. A new insight on looking at things. It definitely was a mind changing experience. I felt able to be open and honest even when it wasn’t in my favor. I never felt judged but understood. I looked forward to sharing what went well. I felt accomplished completing my weekly action steps. I learned things about myself that I didn’t realize was there. I’m leaving this session a better me. I’m leaving with tools to continue the work. I look forward to working Jerrica again! I’m so thankful for all that I’ve learned in this time!

Rhonna Harris

12 week Transformational Breakthrough Discovery Testimonial

The best thing that I ever could have done!! My coach Jerrica was on point with the information that she sent me as far as what foods fuel your body or leave you feeling heavy!! I also am beginning to learn how to chew my food, Alcohol consumption, breathing methods, and loving who Robyn is where I am in my life!! I'm not where I want to be but  sure got a jump start to get there. I would suggest this program to anyone needing help with starting to take control of their health/Life!! 

"Saying Yes to You" Virtual Coaching Workshop (Dec 2020)

The "Say yes to you" workshop was the best!! It gave me insight on how to put myself as top priority, never give up on becoming a better me!! And it also piggyback  on the 12wk Transformation life/health coach practice program that I was a part of!! It was a lot of information that was given but I can always go back and watch the zoom meeting again and again!! I am so thankful for Coach Jerrica she is really becoming a good teacher! Can't wait for the next one!! ❤❤

Robyn Brooks

"Saying Yes to You" Virtual Coaching Workshop (Dec 2020)

Greetings, I hope this email finds you doing well. I absolutely got more than what I was expecting from the workshop. I am so glad I took the opportunity to attend because there was so much good content provided.  Looking forward to what you have in store in the future. Thank you for being a servant of women and being in a position to help develop and being apart of the process of me becoming the best version of myself.

Sekwona Lawrence

"Saying Yes to You" Virtual Coaching Workshop (Dec 2020)

Omgeee... you did so good. I’m so proud of you. You’re too cute getting nervous some times. I never knew it was possible to be nervous and confident at the same time. Lol. It is evident that you have studied and practiced your craft, you learned/know your target audience, you have a plan and strategy for attaining sustainable goals. And most importantly, you made it clear why it’s best for women to choose themselves by saying “yes to you”. Great job. It’s informational and measurable. 😉Oh... and I loved the breathing exercise- wish we had time for the other activity cause now I done forgot it 🤦🏽‍♀️ Lol

Marissa Adams

"Saying Yes to You" Virtual Coaching Workshop (Dec 2020)

The workshop was very Informative, inspiring, & made me ponder/reflect on what I'm doing & where I am in my life. I'm grateful I was able to attend. 

Demetra Robinson

"Saying Yes to You" Virtual Coaching Workshop (Dec 2020)

So first of all I want to say for my first workshop I really Loved it! I felt like you really had everything organized and set out before us as well as staying on track. So it was easy to follow along. Although we went over just a little I did not mind it! I honestly felt like it was really good. I have already begun to implement the breathing exercises a few times now and have been keeping in mind how much it does for my body. I am even more encouraged to keep saying YES to me! Realizing that saying yes to me does not always mean binge watching TV or staying on Social media every moment I have “me” time. I feel like now I have more of a plan as well as more questions to keep myself accountable and go beyond the surface. So I appreciate you and the time you took to make this happen as well as being Obedient to God and being an amazing LeadHER.... 💛

Gail Reynolds

"Saying Yes to You" Virtual Coaching Workshop (Dec 2020)

Saturday was so moving for me in many ways. 2020 has definitely been a year of pruning for me. The content you gave us was rich in purpose and heavy with confirmation. I logged off after the 4 hours still wanting more, IT WAS GOOD STUFF.

Danielle Davis

letting my light shine before man, giving god the glory.

I won't pretend that i'm less HER because it makes them uncomfortable, and you shouldn't either BEAUTY. BELIEVE in your ABILITY!

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