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Transformation Breakthrough Discovery (Say YES to YOU) Coaching Package

Transformation Breakthrough Discovery (Say YES to YOU) Coaching Package

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Hey there goal-getter! I am elated that you said yes to you. During the next 12 weeks I am going to help you lift that yes higher and higher. Listen, here are all the things that you're going to get by choosing me to ride along side of you on your new journey.

Transformational Breakthrough Discovery!

  • Learn how to set well-informed personable goals 
  • Learn why energy is so important and how to create more energy in your life
  • Learn to develop a healthy relationship with your body as it relates to food
  • You'll learn a technique called "mental rehearsals" that help you bring your future you front and present all while tricking your brain into helping you become her NOW because she doesn't need to stay in the future you want to be her now. The best version of yourself. 
  • You'll learn how to honor your hunger and fullness as well as making movement more pleasurable in your life
  • You'll learn about sabotage and how to recognize those self-sabotaging characteristics 
  • I'll also show you how to nourish yourself, along with your inner child because we all know that she likes to come out and play sometimes. 
  • You'll learn breathing techniques to help you activate your relaxation response and improve digestion as well as other health responses
  • We will use a friendly little tool of mines called the "wheel of life" to help you uncover what or how I can support you more in other areas of your life
  • We will discover what other areas of your life wants your attention and is craving for more nourishment from you. 
  • We will learn to acknowledge you more, celebrate you and honor you so that you can increase your value for YOU and develop more tools that ensure you are overflowing in self-love and self-care
  • Finally, we'll do one final exercise called "The Life Inventory" exercise that will help guide you into the next phase of your life from your new baseline of health and happiness.

After 12 weeks I am sure you'll want more, and I will be right here ready to keep supporting you as you keep saying yes to you and transform into the best version of yourself possible. We will kick down doors together and travel high peak mountains and while there may be some rough valleys, remember you're going to gain tremendous value, clarity, wisdom, and strategy for your life. Life is going to be expansive and so abundant.

Thank me later, now go add this program to your cart so you can receive next steps from me, and we can get started!!

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