meet owner and creator

Jerrica Barksdale

I AM HER. Leader. Influencer. Purposer. Server.

Born and raised in San Diego, CA Jerrica graduated high school and entered into the United States Air Force. Though her time served was short lived she says that was one of the best periods of her life and one of her most accomplished acts to date. Jerrica is a wife and mother of three beautiful children. Jerrica holds a Bachelors of Science in Business with a concentration in Management and a Masters of Science from the University of San Diego in Global Leadership. Jerrica currently still hold a corporate career at Becton Dickinson where she is a Capital Contracts Consultant. Jerrica is also a certified Health and Life Coach. Her specialty is Identifying strongholds in people's lives and getting to the root cause of what's causing one to not live their full maximized life. Jerrica wants it to be no secret that she is a faith-filled believer of Jesus Christ.

She recognizes her spiritual gifts to be a prayer warrior, a prophetic voice, and encourager. Her passions include ministering and serving those that God has assigned to her to help guide, motivate, and help cultivate growth and freedom from anything holding them back from living the abundant life that God came to give.  Jerrica is also passionate about friendships and the dynamics of relationship building and communication. Jerrica hopes to establish HerL.I.P.S.LLC as a global brand that will reach millions of women all over the world to enhance their beauty through her Posture Lipstick line and allow them to wear authentic life affirming designs that create a vibe with each fashion piece and allow those who wear them to know that they were called Her and possess everything they need to be all that God called them to be. HERL.I.P.S.



Here at HerL.I.P.S.

we don't want to just offer you high quality, bold and sophisticated lipsticks, apparel and accessories that we can serve you with, we want to provide you with a HER experience. We want to load HER into you NOW. We want you to know that you can go higher, you can evolve, and you can reign because you have been crowned by God and now you rule with him. God says to you daughter that he wants you to be reminded that he knew you before you were placed in your mother's womb (Jeremiah 1:5). He knew you as HER. He knew you as your most complete, fulfilled, whole version of YOU. He wants you to know that you can be HER now. He provided you with all the tools necessary to live a rich and abundant life. He made you to be a leader, an influencer, a purposer, and a server. So we call you HER now and we want to remind you that you have spiritual gifts known as L.I.P.S. So let's ad-DRESS your lips. Define You, and become HER!



Hey there BEAU (beauty)! We're so glad you've found us, so you know what this means, oh you don't? It means you've come to be SERVED! 💋