BECOME HER but it’s going to COST YOU!

BECOME HER but it’s going to COST YOU!

Lol those demons and lower identities in ppl be mad when you really start trying to live a righteous and holy life. They want you to be classy with a little “hood” they want you to be saved and sanctified but still I’ll “Knuck if you buck” only so they can continue to identify with that lower level of you!

Growth intimidates those who are not ready to pay the cost for change and growth! When I look back I be so mad at myself and shake my head at the time I lost, potential growth and becoming sometimes thinking about ALL the years God was calling me forth to rise but I was so afraid because as soon as I’d get in the presence of God it would IMMEDIATELY start to change my desires. My desire for music, for what I thought was funny. It was no longer fun to joke and clown and make fun of other people’s struggles.

My desire to sit on the phone and listen to drama/gossip. My desire to indulge in liquor and fornication. God started cleaning the spiritual wax out my ears and was like LISTEN to what you are listening to!! They aren’t talking about NOTHING, just something to make your flesh feel good and in regards to music Just something to get you hot and bothered causing you to make choices you’d later regret! Look at who you are laid up with, you’re so much better than this daughter. Look at who you’re giving your time to. Look at the traps that await you when you go to hang out in those places!

Nothing that was affirming who I am. Nothing that was telling me I am enough, I’m worthy, I’m valuable etc. only driving me to places, things and people who reiterated the LIE from the enemy that I’m not worthy. I’m not good enough. So then because I would feel like I’m losing people I loved so much by staying in his vein I’d ignore the call and carry on living my mediocre life. One foot in wanting that higher life and one foot out being okay with a mediocre life.

I mean even ppl close to me joked about me TRYING to give myself to God so i could walk in my purpose and really go higher and then when I’d falter and start looking common again instead of them encouraging me it was just jokes like you know how Jerrica gets all holier than thou. I would cry so hard because I wanted that Higher life so bad. I wanted that blessed life and abundant life God came to give me and yes that most HEAVENLY HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS LIFE , I truly didn’t want to do and partake in things that didn’t bring Glory to God for my life but I understand now that the enemy was the one working behind the scenes tho and they just didn’t understand the spiritual fight that my life was constantly in.

🚨 Know this when you have rich purpose and there are people waiting for you to show up and be who God intended for you to be the FIGHT IS REAL. It’s constant and the enemy takes no breaks and speaking lies to you to make you feel inadequate, or like you don’t speak well enough, like you don’t have enough experience etc. REST IN GOD. Don’t try to fight the enemy on your own, in your own self you can’t win. The flesh is not equipped for that type of battle.

I’m so grateful for God being so patient with me and building my skin to get to a place where I don’t care and I want God to make me classy and take the hood. Where I wanna be saved and not knuck if somebody buck! I know we are a work in progress but stop holding on to that piece of flesh that God came to take from you too. He makes us COMPLETELY NEW so that means there should be no staIn of the old you (and listen ONLY YOU AND GOD KNOWS WHAT THE “old” you (lifestyle) consists of) if that’s the truth!

Just release it and stop being afraid of what you really are supposed to look like. Your true image. I know it can be scary and intimidating but I promise it’s so worth it and I’ve only saw the vision of who God intended for me to be so just wait until I manifest HER 💋

Lol nope was going to say sorry but not sorry. This was for somebody because I feel the burden of you as I’m writing this. I was literally studying a scripture in my bible on being that Genesis 1:28 type of BLESSED and suddenly God told me to write so here you go. Cheers to committing to go higher, to evolve and to accept the crown God gave you to reign with him 👑
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